“ Overnight Flight is a stunning new collection of songs from Todd Warner Moore. Not quite like any prior release does his latest seem to represent a turn in the rising artist’s talents as a singer and songwriter, let alone in the brilliance of his instrumental compositions.”

"Overnight Flight is a welcome dose of calm (even when broaching inflammatory subjects), measured and mild. 'Suns' and 'Masks (Fever Dreams) stick out as standout tracks, where Moore harnesses the power and wonder of psychedelic sonics to create a nebulous, entrancing atmosphere with his most insightful lyrics.."

"For those still unfamiliar with Todd’s music, ‘Overnight Flight’ is an excellent entry point. For everyone else, it is once again a formidable opportunity to get lost and find yourself again in the folds of the poems made into music by this amazing artist."

"In 2019 we met singer songwriter Todd Warner Moore, as prolific an artist as you’re ever likely to meet; to prove the point, he has just released another cracking album, Overnight Flight. Incorporating his trademark sound of lyrical melodies awash with Americana, gypsy influences, folk and country, Overnight Flight shines with a warmth that seems so appropriate to the situation we currently find ourselves in."

“ Todd Warner Moore continues to create music between wakefulness and dream. Overnight Flight is Moore’s sixth album since 2018, and weaves contemporary images into timeless melodies.”

"Prolific Songwriter Todd Warner Moore Returns with Overnight Flight (My favorite TWM album yet.)"

"It's clear that with 'Overnight Flight' and tracks like 'Big Blue Wave,'he’s stepped into a unique space with his sound. It’s dreamy and folksy yet grounded in some incredible rock cachet and carrying a post-punk spin on it. This album will likely gain Todd Warner Moore some new fans and he’s certainly one to keep an eye on as he continues to evolve his sound."

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