About the Artist

Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, U.S.A., Todd Warner Moore is a prolific songwriter who has penned a diverse catalogue of music over time.  His albums contain elements of Folk, 60s Psychedelia, Americana, 70s  Singer/Songwriter, and Gipsy music.  He lives in Hong Kong.

He was once a proud member of Budapest-based Tea Thieves and USA-based Acoustic Juice.

Moore has written and recorded six albums in two years. He released Lapis Lazuli in June 2018 and Spark in October of that year. In April 2019, Moore released the minimalistic Love and Change, followed by Starry Sounds in August, and Path Overgrown in December. In 2020, he created Overnight Flight and Three Waterfalls.  

Raighes Factory has also released a series of Moore's instrumentals.